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Industrial Grade Aviation Bird Deterrent For Aircraft, Hangers and Balconies

Industrial Grade Aviation Bird Deterrent For Aircraft, Hangers and Balconies

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Created by a Pilot and an Aircraft Owner for Pilots and Aircraft Owners. But also works great in general Industrial and Residential applications as well. Our Industrial Grade Aviation Bird Deterrent is specifically designed to deter birds from aircraft, hangers and balconies using three senses: touch, smell, and sight. Our Bird Bomb Pods are made of a non-toxic tacky biodegradable grease that birds find unpleasant on their feet and body. Additionally, the mirror that is attached to the Bird Bomb Pods reflects light in a way that appears like fire to birds, further deterring them from landing in the area in the first place.

The scent of our product is very strong to birds and acts as an irritant to their nasal cavities, making them want to avoid the area altogether. However, rest assured that the scent is pleasant to humans and is made of all-natural ingredients, ensuring safety for both birds, humans and household pets.

When it comes to protecting aircraft, hangers and balconies from bird infestations, our Industrial Grade Aviation Bird Deterrent is the most effective and humane solution on the market. Trust in our product to keep birds at bay and prevent any potential damages or disturbances they may cause. 

We guarantee that your light aircraft will remain free from nesting birds or your money back. Must be used exactly as instructed on the package.  

Our bird pod are not pictured. But look similar to a woman's compact mirror. It has a highly durable all season double sided tape that sticks to almost any surface, Sticks great to airframes, hanger beams and balconies. The bird pods are about the size of a half dollar making them easy to stick inside of your aircrafts engine compartment, horizontal stabilizer, vertical stabilizer and under engine bay. May also be attached to wings and fuselage. We recommend logging every place that you put a pod on your aircraft in a log book that you keep in your plane and adding this to your preflight checklist to remove. DO NOT FLY WITH THE BIRD PODS INSTALLED IN YOUR PLANE. 

NON- Corrosive. 100% Organic ingredients. Sweet and pleasant smell to humans. Use in conjunction with your current aircraft cowling plugs for maximum results. Deters almost all types of bird. We have an ingredient that almost all birds hate in our product. 

Directions: Open bird pod and stick inside the area upwind of your bird infestation. If you have a Cessna 172, a common problem is birds getting into the horizontal stabilizer and nesting. You can remove the horizontal cover and put a pod in that area and we guarantee you will no longer have nesting birds in that area. Very easy and simple to use. Waterproof as well. Wind Proof. 

You will receive six (6) bird bomb pods  for each order you place. We recommend at least 2 pods in each compartment area spaced 6-8" apart for maximum results. If you purchase this product and it does not work for you, send it back to us for a full refund. That's how confident we are in the product. The absolute best on the market bar none. 

You may call me or text me in regard to this product with any questions you may have.

Dr. R.A. Smith, ND

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